At the age of 19, James entered into the creative world of filmmaking through web-based company “HomeOnFilm”. There, James learned how to shoot and edited short films. In 2008, he crossed paths with his Life long friends Ben and Dean Jagger who were producing the short film, ‘The Killing Truth’. They asked James to come on board as a Cinematographer.

James went on to work in Los Angeles as a cinematographer on the award winning mid-length film, ‘A Night At Robert McAlisters’, sculpting his craft as well as building his knowledge of the industry as a producer.

Following that wrap, the opportunity arose to go back out to Los Angeles and work on the feature ‘The Paddy Lincoln Gang’, in which James worked as an Associate Producer.  He worked creatively with director Ben Jagger, surrounding Ben with the talent and tools needed to deliver his creative vision. On this project, James was also in charge of overseas logistics providing a strong platform and workflow for post-production, which was carried out in London, UK.

Following that James has continued to work in the industry on several projects, most recently getting attached to the award winning film ‘Mango – Life’s Coincidences’ which is set to shoot in Norway and Colombia in November 2016.

James thrives under pressure and is passionate about his role in filmmaking, and continues to pursue his path as a creative producer.


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Mango – Lifes Coincidences (2017) – Producer

Synopsis:  Manuel grew up on the streets of Colombia and eventually, and by coincidence, ended up being adopted by a Norwegian family.

The Paddy Lincoln Gang (2014) – Associate Producer

Synopsis: The Paddy Lincoln Gang are a rock band with everything – as well as total immersion in sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. But their charismatic lead singer holds a dark secret from his past, a secret that is about to explode.

Los Ocho (Short) (2014) – Post Production Supervisor


heART (2014) – Camera Operator

A Night At Robert McAlisters (2009) – Cinematographer

Synopsis : For a rock band infected by betrayal, there is only one truth left remaining – a friend is an enemy you haven’t met yet.

The Killing Truth (2008) – Camera Operator